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Omni Redevelopment

Currently under development, this project includes commercial tenants and 29 residential units, providing a mixed-use product in a burgeoning market.

Premium Property Trust Leadership: Partnership for Successful Returns


For our success, Premium Property Trust relies on creative talents required to identify and envision property solutions that transform our local world. Coupled with those talents, we require the business expertise to manage capital requirements, provide investor returns, and provide transparency to all business practices. These characteristics are present in our founders and officers, Chris Reebals and Burke Cox.

Chris Reebals
(833) PPT-REIT x701

Christopher B. Reebals (Chris) founded Premium PropertyTrust with the goal of joining like-minded investors into a collective pool in order to enhance their combined abilities to create capital value and residual income. Chris started investing in real estate the year he graduated from Auburn University in architecture; acquiring his first rental home. Over the past 25 years he has acquired close to 50 million dollars in real estate assets and experiences, on average, 15% annual growth in value and asset holdings.

Burke Cox
(833) PPT-REIT x700

Burke D. Cox (Burke) leads the operations of Premium Property Trust. A lifelong friend of Chris, their trust relationship is enhanced by his extensive experience with private capital placement and leading innovative high-value companies. Burke founded his first company in 1999 with a $4M capital raise that exited with a global license agreement with Microsoft corporation. As COO, he led Platinum Solutions from $12M to a sale to SRA for $90M in three years. As President, he led Sevatec from $18M to over $120M in revenue in four years.