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Omni Redevelopment

Currently under development, this project includes commercial tenants and 29 residential units, providing a mixed-use product in a burgeoning market.

Investor Transparency

We launched Premium Property Trust to, not only, provide a method for scaling our operations for more ambitious projects, but also, to develop a better framework for keeping our partners involved and informed about our projects. While still under development, this platform will provide a single consolidated dashboard for investors to view the status of their investment, the operational performance of existing projects, and ongoing progress of new developments.

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We are developing a custom dashboard for efficient investor transparency. It will provide a secure dashboard for real-time access to the performance of the fund, your specific investment, and a private forum for asking questions and providing feedback.
We intend to provide regular updates of all projects including notes from meetings with city officials, status of leasing and marketing efforts, and photos showing progress of design and construction.
This technology for investor transparency will not only provide a better means of communicating current progress with our investor partners. We believe our technology investment will create a unique competitive advantage completely unavailable to other REITs of our size. By internally developing a custom REIT management tool, we can overcome the inefficiencies of Excel-based reporting and compliance with IRS guidance.