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Why invest in Premium Property Trust?

Maximize application of your time and money.
Experienced management, prestigious properties, lower fees, higher returns.
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The Value Advantage of Premium Property Trust

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"Growth" investments are not actually in companies expected to grow, they are in companies who must grow significantly for your investment to make any sense.
Value investments essentially recognize companies expected to outperform their current basis in the near future.
"Growth" REITs focus on advancing the size of the portfolio as a priority, whether or not individual assets might achieve dividend goals.
Premium Property Trust expects value-based performance with a growth equity benefit. That is, we manage each investment opportunity with a deliberate decision: Can this particular deal stand on its own and produce real revenue gains independent of the value of the portfolio?

A simple way to think about how we run Premium Property Trust: we maximize the amount of your capital deployed towards the actual purchase of real estate assets that generate revenue; we protect your investments from the dilutionary effects of inefficiencies and fees. - Burke Cox, CEO

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Passive Income

Our experts select, improve, manage and sell real estate assets on your behalf.
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Higher Returns

Equity REITs have significantly outperformed the S&P 500 with over three times gains since 1990.
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Inflation Protection

Real estate sits on land, the ultimate commodity, and our assets are designed to appreciate.
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Recurring Cash Flow

REITs require distribution of 90% of net revenue shareholders.
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Portfolio Diversification

A REIT provides investors a mechanism to allocate resources for real estate as part of a diversified portfolio.
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Tax Advantaged Structure

REITs are not taxed at the corporate level and the 2017 tax bill adds a new 20% deduction for the income we pass through.