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The future lies in premium offerings of an elevated lifestyle experience that emphasizes community, unique retail offerings, and impactful design that encourages engagement.

Engaging a Changing Demographic

The real estate model of the past emphasized "location" above all other features. Today's mobile workforce and empowered retirees seek a more meaningful connection: They want a thoughtful blend of community elements from single family homes, multi-family options, retail, entertainment, and commercial space all working in harmony.


Own the Entire Ecosystem

Maximizing revenue opportunity requires a careful blend of community elements, all working in harmony. Too many developments suffer over time because their key components are sold off to real estate holding companies with competing priorities.

Anchor Partner Financing

To develop and acquire single-owner, mixed-use communities, Premium Property Trust provides minimal funding as a co-General Partner with Premium Property Development.


This enables the fund to take advantage of development premiums while managing risk and opens the opportunity for investors in the fund to participate independently as well.

As consideration for this involvement, Premium Property Trust retains first right of refusal for stabilized assets.

Graphic depicting relationship between Premium Property Trust and Premium Property Development
Looking into mixed use community from restaurant
Tree-lined street in mixed-use community
Courtyard with green space in mixed-use community

Future Portfolio Vision

By developing and retaining full ownership of premium lifestyle communities, Premium Property Trust will maximize the value of a public offering as the only company dedicated to improving long-term value by maintaining full control of its assets.

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